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Red Bull Purchases New International® DuraStar™ Hybrid Delivery Trucks
Trucks Save 30-40% Fuel Costs While Reducing Emissions

WARRENVILLE, Ill. (Aug. 14, 2008) The nation’s leading manufacturer of energy-saving trucks is set to provide a new fleet of hybrid delivery trucks for the number one energy drink in the United States, Red Bull.

Navistar (NYSE: NAV) has announced the delivery of Red Bull’s first fleet of diesel hybrid electric trucks that achieve 30-40 percent better fuel efficiency and emit up to 33 percent less hydrocarbon emissions and 35 percent less nitrogen oxide emissions versus standard diesel trucks.

The four International® DuraStar™ Hybrid trucks were delivered this week to Red Bull’s Southern Nevada Distribution Center in Las Vegas and will be used in the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

“We’re proud that Red Bull recognizes the importance of green transportation for the environment,” said Jim Williams, director, sales and distribution, new products, Navistar. “We need more companies like this to take a stance and add hybrid vehicles to their fleets.”

Each truck is estimated to save nearly $4,000 in fuel costs per year. Over the course of a truck’s 7- to 10-year life cycle, the four International DuraStar Hybrid units could save up to $160,000 in fuel costs.

A key to the International DuraStar Hybrid’s efficiency is the Hybrid Drive Unit, which helps power the diesel engine and leads to less diesel fuel use and fewer emissions. Through the regenerative braking system, the battery in the Hybrid Drive Unit is recharged when the truck’s brakes are applied. This energy-saving system makes delivery applications and in-city driving the ideal conditions for these hybrid vehicles.

Navistar received the 2007 Blue Sky Award from WestStart-CALSTART for its contributions to the commercial development of diesel-hybrid technology. This preeminent award is presented each year by WestStart-CALSTART, the nation's leading advanced transportation technology industry organization working to support and accelerate the growth of companies developing clean and energy-efficient transportation technologies.

Shortly after that award, Navistar announced in November 2007 that it was the first commercial truck company to enter line production of hybrid trucks. Customers can learn more about hybrid trucks at

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