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“No Hassle in 2010” - Navistar Launches Emissions Education Campaign for Vehicle Buyers Weighing 2010 Options
Multimedia Effort Offers Clarity on Fuel Economy, Cost-of-ownership and Operational Impact of Competing OEM Technology Paths

WARRENVILLE, Ill.--(January 7, 2009)  Navistar wants to clear the air. Navistar Inc., the maker of International® brand commercial vehicles and MaxxForce brand diesel engines, today launched an education campaign aimed at clarifying the issues surrounding 2010 emissions technologies. Its “MaxxForce 2010” campaign – including customer seminars, public Webinars and trade advertising – addresses the fuel economy, cost-of-ownership and operational impacts of the competing approaches to NOx-reduction technology paths.

For 2010, suppliers of diesel-powered heavy commercial vehicles – save one – plan to offer North American customers all-new, add-on after-treatment systems using SCR (selective catalytic reduction) in addition to EGR (exhaust gas recirculation). The lone exception is Navistar, which will continue to use an in-cylinder solution utilizing advanced EGR, without additional after-treatment, on its MaxxForce-powered International brand vehicles, IC Bus brand school buses and Workhorse® brand RV chassis.

“Because we’re the only truck and engine maker that can offer a solution without complex after-treatment, we need to be aggressive in giving the industry all the facts,” said Jack Allen, president of Navistar’s North American Truck Group. Recent industry surveys show that fleet managers and truckers are not clear on the options for 2010 or the relative merits of competing emissions-reduction technologies. “Our MaxxForce 2010 education campaign will help customers understand that the best solution for 2010 does not require additional after-treatment, and only Navistar offers that option,” Allen said.

Navistar has pursued its in-cylinder with advanced EGR technology path for most of the decade, with a goal of providing the best solution in terms of fuel economy, performance and overall ownership costs. Perhaps most importantly, the in-cylinder solution keeps emissions compliance with the OEM, whereas SCR puts the burden of compliance on vehicle owners. Navistar’s “MaxxForce 2010” products provide a diesel-fuel-only solution, a stark contrast to SCR vehicles which require extra hardware, controls and a second fuel (urea); 2010 MaxxForce-powered vehicles will require only diesel and operate just as today’s commercial vehicles do.

“Today’s MaxxForce engines produce less NOx than the 2007 EPA standard requires, thus contributing to clean air at a greater rate than the competition. Looking towards 2010, one of the things we need to clear up for customers who may have been misled is this -- all MaxxForce-powered 2010-model trucks and buses will fully comply with EPA emissions standards on January 1, 2010,” said Allen. “We’ve worked hard to provide the most customer-focused solution, and now we want customers to know how we’ve done it and how it benefits them.”

Navistar’s in-cylinder solution with advanced EGR utilizes four key technologies – advanced high-pressure fuel injection, advanced air management, an optimized combustion strategy and proprietary electronic calibrations – to meet the new EPA standards without sacrificing operating costs or performance.

Navistar’s “MaxxForce 2010” campaign will run throughout 2009. Additional information is available at

Navistar International Corporation (NYSE: NAV) is a holding company whose wholly owned subsidiaries produce International® brand commercial and military trucks, MaxxForce™ brand diesel engines, IC brand school and commercial buses, and Workhorse® brand chassis for motor homes and step vans. It also is a private-label designer and manufacturer of diesel engines for the pickup truck, van and SUV markets. The company also provides truck and diesel engine parts and service. Another affiliate offers financing services. 

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