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International® ProStar™ Recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency for Fuel-Efficiency and Environmental Responsibility

New Class 8 Tractor Meets All SmartWay Transport Partnership Specifications

Warrenville, Illinois - April 03, 2007
– The International® ProStar™, known for its best-in-class aerodynamic design and resulting fuel savings has officially been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as a SmartWay eligible tractor for its significantly better environmental and fuel consumption performance compared to traditional tractors and trailers.

"We have been working continuously to develop best-in-class fuel economy and lowest cost of ownership in our Class 8 trucks, and our breakthrough technologies are making a real difference in helping reduce emissions and protecting our environment," said Robert A. Weber, International's chief engineer for the Heavy Truck Group. "It is rewarding to be recognized for our efforts in such a formal way. The associated logo that we can now adhere on our products is a valuable tool for helping our customers to make environmentally responsible decisions."

The result of International Truck and Engine Corporation's participation in the EPA's SmartWay Transport Partnership with other original equipment manufactures of trailers and tractors, eligibility is based on a comprehensive set of fuel-saving, low-emission equipment specifications for new class 8 long-haul tractors and trailers. The specifications are aimed at achieving fuel savings of between 10 and 20 percent, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and significantly reducing NOx particulate matter and other air pollutants.

Specifications for the SmartWay eligible tractors include: 2007 model year engines, integrated cab high roof air fairings, side fairing gap reducers, fuel tank side fairings, aerodynamic bumpers and mirrors, options to eliminate periods of extended engine idling and fuel saving low rolling resistance tires.

2007 Engines for Any Customer
During the development of the International ProStar, International worked with Caterpillar, Cummins and International Engine to design a tractor that could accommodate the 2007 emissions compliant engines offered by each of these manufacturers – including the CAT C13 with its clean-diesel ACERT™ Technology, Cummins ISX engines from 385-600HP and the MaxxForce 11 and 13.

"We took a comprehensive, integrated approach to '07 emissions compliance when we designed this tractor because we wanted customers to be able to take advantage of the best-in-class fuel economy, unparalleled driver satisfaction, unprecedented uptime and lowest cost of ownership delivered by this vehicle without sacrificing the confidence afforded by using the engine brand they have grown to trust for their given application," said Weber.

Maximized Aerodynamic Design
The new class 8 tractor has nine percent less aerodynamic drag than the nearest competitor, which can mean more than four percent better fuel economy for customers. A four percent improvement in fuel economy translates to $2,000 per year per truck for someone driving 120,000 miles per year, currently averaging six miles per gallon and paying $2.65 per gallon for fuel.

Leveraging more than two decades of expertise in aerodynamic design, International employs state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics, or CFD analyses, one-eighth scale and full-scale wind tunnel tests and on-road evaluations to arrive at the design solutions that reduce aerodynamic drag and, therefore, deliver best-in-class fuel economy. In fact, the reigning industry champion for best in class aerodynamic drag before the introduction of the International ProStar was the International® 9400.

International tractors have multiple aerodynamic patents for features that combine to reduce the naturally occurring high pressure in front of the tractor and get that air smoothly along the sides and onto the trailer. They include:
  • A patented "pod" air fairing on the roof, which creates a more streamlined shape that guides the air around the trailer. Available on International heavy tractor products, the "pod" is a major contributor to aerodynamic drag reduction. The pod air fairing reduces drag by up to 20 percent, allowing for up to 10 percent improved fuel economy.
  • A patented aerodynamic mirror that incorporates a "trip strip" feature to keep airflow attached around more of the surface of the mirror head. The patented aero mirrors can reduce drag by up to two percent, allowing for up to one percent improved fuel economy.
  • Chassis-skirts that run along the side of the cab and cover the fuel tank and battery box are designed to reduce drag by as much as nine percent, allowing for a four percent improvement in fuel economy.
Additional aerodynamic features that come standard on any International ProStar is the eliptical shape in the tractor's A-pillar, the optimized windshield rake angle, minimized gaps between tires and the fenders and a front bumper designed to maximize airflow past the front tires and around the side of the tractor and trailer that also contains optimally located slots for cooling airflow.

Factory-Installed No Idle APU
Finally, available on all ProStar models, factory-installed, will be the first integrated no-idle auxiliary power unit (APU) system designed by Mechron specifically to fit this new class 8 tractor. Compliant with no-idle restrictions, the APU will allow for a more even distribution of air through the existing cab ducting to provide better comfort to the driver while using the no-idle solution – day or night.

Taking an economical approach to space and components, International integrated the APU no idle solution into the auxiliary HVAC, ducts and control. Meaning the system uses the same Behr heater core, blower motor, blend air door and auxiliary unit module case halves for both over the road and the no-idle solution. International also tried to maintain the maximum amount of storage by not adding a second no-idle system in the bunk area. The APU's externally mounted compressor/condenser allows for more uninterrupted sleep and it offers self-sufficient operation and a quicker engine start in cold weather.

The EPA maintains that SmartWay trucks will, on average, be 22 percent more fuel efficient than trucks that aren't comparably equipped, and will be at least 10 percent more fuel efficient than the best combination-unit trucks on the road today. The SmartWay Truck will be an evolutionary requirement so as technology improves, more stringent requirements will be developed to qualify as a SmartWay Truck. The agency intends to revise the criteria in 2010 and will seek an additional 10 percent fuel-economy gain as well as meeting the more stringent 2010 emission standards.

"International looks forward to continuing to partner with the EPA to develop standardized test procedures, to verify technologies and to research ways to save fuel," said Weber. "In fact, compliance next year will move from merely spec'ing with an aero package to be considered compliant to being based on actual fuel economy meter readings. While we anticipate that the ProStar will continue to remain compliant under these more stringent standards, not every truck will, so you can imagine how important continued collaboration with the EPA is for all OEMs, not just International."

The International 9200 is also SmartWay eligible, which will be replaced by the ProStar 113-BBC in 2008. The trucking industry estimates that as many as 2,500 SmartWay tractors might be sold in 2007, which represents just two percent of all tractor sales.

For a trailer to qualify, it must be equipped with a dry van trailer of 53-inches length or greater; trailer side skirts; Low Rolling-resistant tires with a rolling resistance of 5.5 or lower; lightweight trailer option with weight-saving technologies, and either a trailer gap reducer on the front of the trailer or trailer tails that are either extenders or boat tails.

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