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International Truck to Offer Bendix Stability System and Hendrickson Primaax Suspension on Vocational Trucks

Bendix Safety System, Primaax Suspension Helps Keep International® Customers Miles Ahead

Las Vegas, Nevada - January 23, 2007
– To provide better ride and handling for its customers, International Truck, a Navistar company, will be offering two new options on its International® WORKSTAR™ and International® PAYSTAR™ Series trucks. The Bendix ABS-6 Advanced with RSP Stability System will provide core antilock braking and the most effective ABS-based traction control and stability system on the market today for vocational trucks. The Hendrickson Primaax Suspension will provide drivers with less truck vibration for driver comfort and improved truck longevity for 100 percent off-highway usage.

"We've listened to our customers and are committed to providing them with new options on our vocational trucks that improve uptime, increase productivity and ultimate customer satisfaction," said John Wadden, director of severe service marketing, International Truck.

For truck customers looking to reduce incident potential and improve profitability, Bendix ABS-6 Advanced with RSP Stability System provides proven value. It helps drivers to better handle difficult driving scenarios and is the only ABS-based truck stability system capable of recognizing and assisting with both rollover and vehicle under-steer and over-steer driving situations.

The system continuously monitors a variety of vehicle parameters and sensors to determine if the vehicle is reaching a critical stability threshold. When that situation develops, the stability program will quickly and automatically intervene to assist the driver. It can selectively apply vehicle brakes, as well as de-throttle the engine.

Features include:
  • Roll Stability Program – helps to mitigate rollovers through advanced sensing and automatic application of vehicle brakes
  • Bendix Smart ATC – This traction control system makes adjustments based on vehicle orientation and the driver's throttle input
  • Core ABS – Prevents wheel lockup to help drivers maintain steering control while braking
Quality steering and handling also relies on a quality suspension system. International will be offering a premium, heavy-duty air suspension system for its vocational trucks.

The Primaax Suspension provides a number of benefits for customers in the vocational market – such as construction dump, heavy-haul, roll-off and logging industries. The air ride suspension allows for a smoother ride and improved product life cycle time by helping to isolate the chassis and cab from typical off-road terrain. It provides a stable suspension base for high center of gravity loads and applications.

The increased wheel articulation, integrated stabilizer, quick align system that simplifies axle alignment and less vibration transmitted to the cab and chassis results in improved driver comfort and improved product life. Plus, it contains fewer suspension components that require maintenance.

Both of these new options help deliver International customers with increased driver satisfaction and improved productivity, which ultimately puts them miles ahead with their businesses.

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