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International Engine Group Introduces I-6 Family of MaxxForce Engines

MaxxForce DT, 9 and 10 Built On Legendary Engine Platform

Warrenville, Illinois - December 13, 2006
International Truck and Engine Corporation, a Navistar company, today announced its mid-range I-6 family of MaxxForce™ International Diesel Power engines for 2008 model year trucks, and provided specifications and technical details.

Built on International's I-6 proven architecture, the MaxxForce™ , DT, MaxxForce™ 9 and MaxxForce™ 10 serve as the next level of International diesel engines known for their legendary reliability and durability, wide vocational capability, serviceability and high resale value.

"International's I-6 engines, especially the legendary DT, have a remarkable history of quality and reliability,” said Jack Allen, president, International Engine Group. "These engines have been the engine of choice in Class 6-7 commercial truck and bus applications for decades, which has helped International hold around 40 percent market share in the medium-duty engine market.”

Always Performing
Performance is the essence of the MaxxForce brand. To customers of the MaxxForce DT, MaxxForce 9 and MaxxForce 10, performance means more than just power, torque and the joy of driving the trucks International engines power. It means they can count on the engine to accomplish the job – getting the kids to school, plowing the snow or making money for the small business owner – and have the reliability to start and run every day along with the durability to perform for years.

The hallmark of International's legendary DT line of engines has always been its reliability. With that in mind, engineers made evolutionary changes to the new engines for 2008-model-year trucks and the basic engine components stay the same.

"The 2006 International DT466 engines we are building today are achieving the highest quality levels (measured in repairs per unit) in the long and storied history of the DT line, even going back to the mechanical versions of the product,” said Persio Lisboa, managing director, Inline Engine Business Unit, International Engine Group.

"The design strategy of the new MaxxForce™ DT, MaxxForce™ 9 and MaxxForce™ 10 was to change as little as possible, carrying forward the proven technology and components of the current engine families, while building on our Green Diesel Technology® experience with advanced emissions controls,” Lisboa said. "For changes that did enter the design, the intention was to further improve reliability.”

Foremost among these changes is a new wiring harness. "This new harness has a foam- over-molding that is tough as nails and holds a consistent shape,” Lisboa said. "The resulting product fits right every time. It is much easier to assemble, which improves first-time quality on our assembly line and makes the engines easier to service.”

Heavy-Duty Durability
The MaxxForce DT, MaxxForce 9 and MaxxForce 10 diesel engines feature the same premium wet-sleeve design that provides the heavy-duty durability that International medium-duty engines are famous for. Precision-machined sleeves provide even cylinder cooling and no hot spots, resulting in cylinders that stay round during thermal expansion to provide increased engine durability for the customer.

The crankcase for the I-6 engines features six head bolts per cylinder, which provides even clamping for head-gasket life that competitive four-bolt designs can't match. Bearing-cap ladder reinforcement provides added strength for high horsepower ratings. The premium valvetrain features Cam Roller Followers for durability and reduced valve-lash growth, and replaceable valve seats and guides that allow the cylinder head to be easily rebuilt. Four valves per cylinder allow the engines to breathe easier for better performance and lower emissions as well as reduce vavletrain wear because the spring loads are reduced.

Also adding to the appeal of these engines is their ability to be completely re-built in-frame. With a works kit from International, the engines can be returned to original factory specifications for a lot less than the cost of remanufacturing, which also gives them a strong value advantage at re-sale and makes them less expensive to lease.

Wide Vocational Capability
International custom tailors its MaxxForce™ DT, MaxxForce™ 9 and MaxxForce™ 10 to the needs of its customers. As an integrated truck and engine manufacturer, International has the ability to offer thousands of potential build configurations to suit any vocation.

Other features of the MaxxForce I-6 engines include:
  • An upgraded EGR system reduces NOx without sacrificing fuel economy due to increased EGR cooling, improved EGR mixing, higher flow rates and reduced pressure drop.
  • The closed-crankcase ventilation system with a centrifugal oil mist separator has no filters to change, making it maintenance-free.
  • A new intake throttle helps raise exhaust temperature for active regeneration of the Diesel Particulate Filter and protects the DPF from high-temperature damage.
The MaxxForce DT powers Class 6-8 International® DuraStar™ and WorkStar™ trucks as well as IC school and commercial buses with 210-300 horsepower and 560-860 ft.-lbs of torque.

The MaxxForce 9 powers Class 7-8 DuraStar™ and WorkStar™ commercial trucks and the International® CXT™ with 300-330 hp and 800-950 ft.-lbs of torque.

The MaxxForce 10 powers Class 8 International® WorkStar™ and TranStar™ trucks with 310-350 hp and 1,050-1,150 ft.-lbs of torque.

MaxxForce® International Diesel Power
Beginning in January, MaxxForce engines become the signature powerplant for International® brand on-highway Class 4-8 commercial vehicles. In North America, the MaxxForce product line ranges from the upgraded 4.5-liter V-6 MaxxForce™ 5 to the new MaxxForce™ 13 big-bore Class 8 engine. Another major highlight is the all-new 6.4-liter MaxxForce™ 7.

MaxxForce engines stand for performance – reinforcing International's commitment to producing high-quality trucks and engines – and are backed by the largest commercial truck dealer network in North America, with more than 900 dealer locations and 7,000 service technicians.

The MaxxForce™ DT, MaxxForce™ 9 and MaxxForce™ 10 are built exclusively at International's Melrose Park, Illinois engine plant.

International Truck and Engine Corporation
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