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International Truck and Engine Corporation Showcases Complete Vehicle and Engine Line-Up at Mid-America Trucking Show
Truck Group President Cites Vehicle-Engine Integration to Meet Every Customer Need

Louisville, KY (March 22, 2007) International Truck and Engine Corporation, a Navistar company, today showcased a complete line of 08MY International "Star" series trucks along with its new MaxxForce engines. These integrated products for the coming year are one of many examples of International's ongoing commitment to develop forward-looking, innovative solutions that reset the standards for the trucking industry.

"Navistar will continue to invest in and deliver integrated transportation solutions from across our global business lines – vehicles, engines and parts & service – that enable our customers to capitalize on business opportunities in the U.S. and around the world," said Dee Kapur, president of the company's Truck Group, at today's press event.

"We used the approach of new 2007 emissions regulations as a strategic opportunity to upgrade several of our key products, building on our heritage of challenging convention," Kapur continued. "We have a long-standing commitment to successful product integration that can be traced back over a century, longer than anyone else in the industry. The substantial investments we've made in our 08MY product line continue to reflect the success of our integrated approach in delivering best-of-breed products."

A few distinct areas of focus for the company's commitment to innovation have been aerodynamics and fuel economy, ergonomic research and design, driver comfort and handling satisfaction, and serviceability. The International® ProStar™, which was introduced last year at the Mid-America Trucking Show, is evidence of the quality experience that can be delivered with this focus.

ProStar Updates
Looking ahead to the 2008 model year, International continues to invest in the International ProStar to deliver to the customer – each individual customer – product specifications and amenities that make sense for any and every class 8 application. New for 2008, will be a 113-inch bumper-to-back-of-cab (BBC) offering. The daycab, for example, offers a shorter wheel base for even better maneuverability and a lighter weight to maximize fuel economy and payload for regional customers. The ProStar sleepers will offer customers the choice of four cab roof heights. And, additional driver satisfaction and fuel economy amenities will also be available.

Star Names & Badging
In addition to the updates to the International ProStar for 2008, International has been announcing throughout the last year the re-branding of individual trucks across its entire product line with "Star" badges. Initiated with the reintroduction of the International® PayStar™ and ProStar launch last year, the additional "Star" badges go into production with the '08 model year and include TranStar, DuraStar, WorkStar and CityStar. Each name corresponds to a previous product in the International "thousand" series.

Kapur also cited the new robust hood design on its International® WorkStar™, as an example of a product redesign warranting the timeframe for the changeover to the new "star" brand and badge. Rather than lowering the engine as many manufacturers chose to do, International challenged convention and redesigned the hood avoiding a sacrifice in vehicle ground clearance. The hoods increase the capacity of the 2007 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) engine-cooling requirements and also include an innovative multi-piece layout that requires an owner to only replace one of the pieces in the event of any damage.

"By re-birthing our products with Star names, we are bringing a consistent nomenclature to our line of vehicles that better depict the personality of each product," said Kapur. "Names are inherently more emotional, allowing for a stronger connection between the customer and product."

Kapur went on to say that this strategy ensures that the International brand will continue to be prominently featured as the company goes to market with the diamond logo maintained on the grille, leveraging the tremendous amount of equity that has been built over the years. The individual "Star" name will be displayed on the door and "MaxxForce" engine badge will be featured on the hood, for those customers selecting the MaxxForce engine for their trucks.

MaxxForce Engines

"International Trucks with MaxxForce Engines represent a truly powerful combination for our customers," Kapur added. "We recognize that truly integrated solutions like these remain at the heart of what customers will expect as their business environment continues to grow in complexity."

New for 2008, are International's MaxxForce™ 11 and MaxxForce™ 13 engines. The big bore design provides up to 1,700 lb.-ft. of torque at 1,000 rpm. The outstanding efficiency and power characteristics of the MaxxForce 11 and MaxxForce 13 – made possible by innovative technologies including a high-pressure common-rail fuel system, twin-series turbochargers with interstage cooler, and Eco-Therm™ heat-management system – set new industry standards for heavy-duty diesel performance, drivability and fuel efficiency. The big bore offering rounds out the MaxxForce product line already meeting the needs of International's Class 4 through 7 customers.

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