Leadership Winner Isn’t Resting on His Laurels

By Darren Gosbee, Vice President, Engineering

“Leadership” is a term that applies in many different contexts: technology, industry, community and the ability to inspire others. Fortunately, the SAE Foundation has created an award that takes all these dimensions into account: the SAE Foundation/DENSO Young Industry Leadership Award. And Brendan Chan, who won the award this year, exemplifies them all.

Brendan joined Navistar seven years ago and has moved up quickly, thanks to his leadership skills and innovative ideas. His technology leadership, including his work on our Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) team, undoubtedly caught the attention of the SAE Foundation.  And he has been an irreplaceable asset to the ADAS team, working on projects ranging from bus safety to severe service vehicle system modernization.

Brendan’s work with ADAS has also supported Navistar’s leadership within the industry. Navistar was  the first in the industry to make electronic stability control standard on school buses, and our engineers consistently keep safety at the forefront when working to design new and improved vehicles. Brendan’s ability to put himself mentally into a driver’s perspective when brainstorming new ideas has helped us better connect with what our customers need.

Beyond that, Brendan is personally inspiring. One of the most valuable aspects of his personality is his ability to give a viewpoint on almost every aspect of Navistar’s business. While he is an engineer with a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, he has a strong business perspective on how to make our company most central to the industry’s future. And he has also shown leadership in his support for SAE and other organizations that reflect Navistar’s strategic commitment to STEM education.

While Brendan’s leadership and contributions to the field are admirable, his humble attitude is what really drives his success. He doesn’t pause to reflect on past accomplishments, but continues on to the next idea that needs his attention. The mentality that his work is never finished, despite the recognition, pushes him and the rest of us towards even loftier goals for the future.

Navistar seeks the best and brightest individuals to contribute to our mission. Brendan embodies our “It Starts With Me” mindset and takes it to the next level. He and others at Navistar exemplify the type of advancement and leadership that are making a critical difference to our customers and the industry.